Friday, August 28, 2009

A fellow named Wheeler del Torro spoke last Sunday at the Boston Vegetarian Society's month meeting (which we of the Boston Vegetarian, Veggie, and Vegan Meetups 'follow' or tag along to attend).

Wheeler’s place is near the Symphony stop on the Boston MBTA - in a shop that intersection.

Wheeler is the creative international traveler who has rightfully become much loved in Boston (particularly around NEU, Colleges of the Fenway, and LMA) because of what he's made for those of us who pass through the Fenway area.

He passed around vegan ice cream samples, and I’m confident that 98.5% of all humans alive today would consider his vegan ice cream SUPER DUPER!

While there's a Vegan Ice Cream for All! Boston, MA meetup, I’d like to see Wheeler’s storefront operation inundated with numerous small group outings, perhaps once or more each month.

It could be possible for someone to organize some social event (likely working with Wheeler to just call 1-2 (or even 3-4) monthly outings to Wheeler's, maybe hold some discussions, or more.

For a college student to do this, the ~$20/month could become a challenge, problem, or possible issue in organizing a Meetup group, but perhaps Wheeler could get a local ‘sponsor’ who could front the ~$20/month fee (if asked, I’d suggest someone who might be eager to sponsor the Meetup outreach tool).

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