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On March 20th the following bloggers will post a special blog post in honor of Meatout! We hope you enjoy visiting their sites where you'll be sure to find delicious vegan recipes,
vegan tips, and/or thoughtful reflection.
***Please note that some bloggers are also doing GIVEAWAYS!
Thanks so much, bloggers, for supporting Meatout!
If you are a blogger and would like to participate, see the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Mighty Vegan (Julie Kelly)

Lola Lollipop (Lara Matthews) *has already created a special
Meatout comic strip that you can also find on her Facebook page. Check it out!

Vegan Heartland (Matthew) * is also having Meatout giveaways on his blog on 3/20

Don't Fear The Vegan (the DeRobertis family) *Will be raffling off 2 canvas bags
custom designed for Meatout that also say - Don't Fear the Vegan!

Vegan Machine (Kaycee Bassett)

MeloMeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day (Melody Polakow)

Kiss Me, I'm Vegan (Lindsay Wolf)

Action For Our Planet (Oli Dillon Squire)

Hungry Vegan (Vegiegail)

Hungry Hungry Hippie (Elise)

Daisy Wares (Roni Seabury)

We Animals (Jo Anne McArthur)

Our Hen House (Jasmin Singer & Mariann Sullivan)

Your Time Travels (Liz Longacre)

The Tourist Trail (John Yunker)

Ashland Creek Press (Midge Raymond)

The Vegan Project (Bridget Burns, Jennifer Hanover, and Jessica Grajczyk)

Tracie Cooks (Tracie Boyle)

Veg Reflections (Jessica)

Vegan Gluten Free Karaoke (Rachel Lee)

The Blooming Platter

Julie Beyer's For the Love of Food (Julie Beyer)

The Vegan Swedes (Emma)

Veg Vine (Ryan Draving)

Vegan Splendor (Carol Kunze)

The Fruit Pursuit (Sabine)


My Vegan Blog (Breezy Rondilone)

My Big Yellow Book (Breezy Rondilone)

LJ's Veganlicious (Laura Jill)

Vegan Miss (Alexis)

Dinner Peace (Colleen Boucher)

The Veganomaly (Shannon Alberta)

Eat & Talk (Kelly E. Spivey)

Reverence Gardens (Chris)

Vegan Wellness (Charlotte Cressey)

Greenderella (Franzi Schleiter) *not a 100% vegan blog, but promoting Meatout
& more vegan recipes every week.

Amanda Eats (Amanda Rock)

Hungry Vegan Traveler (Amanda)

Vegetarian ( Xiao Kang, Terri Lynn Merritts, and Isobella Merritts)

Serendipitous Vegan (Ashley & Richard)

Vegan Fazool (Dawn Carlock)

Vegan Version (Lee Khatchadourian-Reese)

Vegan Appetite (Tami Noyes)

Bankrupt Vegan (Jen Manriquez)

Bunny Bread Surprise (Emily Keith)

Little Vegan Planet

Tena Burnett

The Opinioness of the World (Megan Kearns)

Empire 118

Beyond Willpower (Alicia Birmingham)


Gone Vegan (Lindsay Hutton)

JAM Vegan Bakery (Jesse Coyne & Mallori Simko)
*Will have special Meatout activities on 3/20

Viva la Vegan! (Leigh-Chantelle)

Soul Veggie (Mark Sutton)

Jill of Ark (Jill Ennis)
* Will be raffling off a free 30-minute animal communication phone session

Lifeforce (Peter Hamilton)
*see a special Lifeforce Meatout news pdf

And don't forget to check in on the

If you'd like to participate and be added to our list of Meatout bloggers,
please send an e-mail to

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