Sunday, August 14, 2016

Urgent Need to Green All Industrialization Globally

Contemplate what industrialization allows to come into the environment from the individuals who own and/or control the use of that industrialization:

Israel’s targets included a 25% reduction of its 2005 greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – limiting residents to 7.7 tons of carbon dioxide per capita. The government’s plan also involved making renewable energy resources responsible for 17% of the country’s electricity usage by 2030, as well as reducing overall electricity consumption by the same percentage. The targets also included a 20% decrease in private vehicle usage.

My thinking is, don't blame the nations as much as the ecologically TRAGIC state of industrialization, which requires MUCH more greening globally.  Currently, industrialization is used for privately-controlled profits; whatever the rhetoric, private advantage is ADVANTAGED by currently ownership of industrialization.

If the public were not so negatively impacted by its use, such a condition MIGHT be tolerable; however, because the general public worldwide IS so negatively impacted by the use of industrializaed technologies in their currently 'un-greened' state, mere 'public buy-in' to their use (as in cellphone, computer, A/C, and vehicular use do NOT excuse the perpetuation of their unmitigated use without massively-funded and staffer programs to green those currently-tragic technologies and to migitage the harms that their widespread use cause to lots and lots of vulnerable persons, both human AND nonhuman.

Time is short.  I would be interested (ONLY) in USEFUL and HISTORICALLY CONSTRUCTIVE comments on how we can move forward with greening all industrialization for life on this planet Earth.

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